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How to ask for tech support. Article rated 3.1/5.0
Before you go to help desk with a computer problem, it is essential that you be prepared. Be sure to have all the facts about your problem . You will simply waste your time (and the tech’s) if y...
Windows 10 Basics Microsoft tutorial Article rated 3.1/5.0
The following links to Microsofts Windows8 tutorial.     
Asterisk-Installation Article rated 3.1/5.0
How to install asterisk?This page shows installation of Asterisk 11.0.0 on CentOS 6. It's been assumed that you have already installed CentOS 6 on your machine. The main steps of installation can be s...
Getting paid support Article rated 3.1/5.0
How do I get in touch with PC Buddy for paid support?To get in touch with PC Buddy please call 07932910513 or 02088298518. You can visit Sincerely, Photos Massos PC Buddy h...
Computer key issue Article rated 3.1/5.0
Trying to put a computer key back on, but unable to do so.information on windows key change can be found here, Please pro...
How do I setup a router that's not from TalkTalk? Article rated 3.1/5.0
How do I setup a router that's not from TalkTalk? If you have a router that isn’t from TalkTalk you'll need to manually enter the Router Connection Settings when setting up th...
USB ports not working or system will not switch on after inserting a USB device. Article rated 3.1/5.0
  Summary Many PCs and notebooks contain self-healing fuses. If you simply remove the mains power for 10-60 minutes, these fuses may heal themselves!SymptomsWhen you switch on the computer or co...
How do I set up my own router to work with BT Broadband Internet Article rated 3.1/5.0
    You want to use your own router for BT Broadband (i.e. a third party model not supplied by BT) then you will need to configure the hardware settings manually. Refer to the manufa...
Mouse control exercises Article rated 3.1/5.0
This senior website has some good exersises for mouse control.
Schedule a Disk Image backup Window 10 Article rated 3.1/5.0
   To schedule daily, weekly, or any other specific time to run an automated full backup of Windows 10. It’s still possible to run the System Image Backup tool in Windo...
How to make a disk image in Microsoft Windows 10. Article rated 3.1/5.0
Backing up your computer with images is a great strategy to get yourself up and running quickly after a system failure.   1Go to the Start screen, start by typing Windows PowerShell, right...
Apple itunes device- playlist greyed out Article rated 3.1/5.0
Apple iTunes device- playlist greyed out, user unable to make changes.This sort of problem appears to be quite common with these devices. The most common solution derived is to Re-sync your devices. ...
Cyberware Ransomware Article rated 3.1/5.0
Stop using the computer immediately. Good to ensure this is nit one of the older cerber versions for which the encryption keys are known. If not, boot Linux, rescue shadow files, and th...

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