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How to ask for tech support.


Before you go to help desk with a computer problem, it is essential that you be prepared. Be sure to have all the facts about your problem . You will simply waste your time (and the tech’s) if you are vague about what your problem is.

Before you get in touch with anyone for help, think through what your problem is. Write down your description of the issue. Think about it from the other side - what would you need to know if a stranger came to you and asked a computer question? Frame your questions according to your context. Write down any error messages, codes that appear on your screen. Gather all the system information that seems to bear on the problem . Sometimes it even happens that by thinking through the problem, you come up with the answer yourself. Remember the Tech can't see what you're seeing.

In the post, briefly describe the problem in a paragraph. Leave out unnecessary details. Save everybody time by listing any solutions that you have tried but didn't work.

Next, describe  relevant system details. For example, it is essential  to designate your operating system and type of computer and any components that might be involved in your problem. List any error code that has been displayed. Be prepared to provide more details if asked

Tell what you were doing when you encountered the problem. If it is a reproducible problem, list the steps or computer operations  that cause the problem.

List any recent software you have installed or hardware changes you have made. If you have updated any drivers recently, also list that.

If requested, be prepared to list all the Windows and software updates that have been made recently.

Be courteous and thank whoever is helping you whether you get a solution or not. Somebody is giving you their time and expertise for free.  If a suggested solution works, be sure to return to the help desk  and report your success. 

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